Source: Logic & Existence from State University of New York Press, Final Chapter before Conclusion reproduced here. Logic and Existence [Jean Hyppolite, Leonard Lawlor, Amit Sen] on . *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This first English translation illuminates. Hyppolite questions the Logic, the Phenomenology, and the Encyclopaedia on the basis of a precise idea and on a precise point. Philosophy must be ontology, .

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Logic & Existence

Kant, however, stated this principle of a priori synthesis in which duality could be known in unity. Andrew marked it as to-read Mar 28, In the Science of Logic, from hyppoliet start we rediscover this very experience of knowledge which is the realisation or the determination of the concept.

To separate in this way the content as an alien being and seek the truth of such a content, while forgetting that truth is agreement, is to turn this content into an inconceivable content, into xnd soulless content, a senseless content.

Micah rated it really liked it Jan 11, The Organization of the Logic: You Have 0 Item s In Cart.

Logic and Existence (Series in Contemporary Continental Philosophy)

The Whole that we would like to put outside is esistence fact inside, like the exterior which is only an interior; these words of representation, inside and outside, fit a nature that realises the absolute Idea in spatial indifference, but they are nothing but dialectical terms in the absolute form or in the element of the Logos.

The absolute Idea is identical to nature. Molly Macdonald – – Philosophy Compass 6 7: The beginning is immediacy, but its determination, its negation is there; its self-relation is not yet the unity that has become, the posited relation. Phillip marked it as to-read Oct 22, In actuality, there is no absolute content substance whose form would be manifestation; it is the relevans si ipsum which is everything, and which is the mysterium magnum itself: Unstable becoming re-establishes a positivity.

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It is not being which appears; it is itself which appears and therefore recognises itself. In order to be comprehended, in order to be posited, being alienates aand.

But essence is appearance.

What is essential is that the absolute method finds and recognises the determination of the universal within itself. The subjective logic, huppolite the logic of the concept, is the logic of sense, but this sense is not a subject opposed to the object.

Experimental Phenomenology, Second Edition. It understands abstraction as the psychological process which, hyppolkte at first put aside that from which it is abstracted, claims to be made complete through that from lgoic it is abstracted. The thing itself is dialectical in its determinations, or, if you like, the dialectical movement of the determinations constitutes the thing itself.

Ian “Marvin” Graye marked it as to-read Jul 01, In this logic of immediacy, which is the darkness or the truth of the sensible depending on how one considers it, the infinite presents itself in its immediate opposition to the finite.

Contradiction and identity are there immediately just as they exist in nature with movement. Steven Felicelli rated it liked it Jul 04, Related Titles Looking After Nietzsche.

Logic and Existence

Philosophy comprehends, therefore, the figures of real finitude, nature, and the figures of ideal finitude, spirit. These, however, are the determinations that are truly prey to the dialectic, and there is no stable object below them.


Or rather, in the medium of the Logos, no one word would be able to imply this disappearance of the Whole.

This is why the first term passes into the second which is the negative; it is its other. In relation to sense, essence is what being was in relation to essence. Gabriel Aguilar marked it as to-read Nov 30, This return to self, however, is not accomplished at the level of immediate being. The distinction between the essential and the inessential is, at the level of essence, only a reminiscence of immediacy, because there are not two beings.

In the total movement, essence is the instability of the second dialectical moment.

Jean Hyppolite, Logic and Existence – PhilPapers

The secret of being is the very possibility of being, but this possibility, separated from being, is an ontological mirage which leads one to believe in a metaphysics, in a substance distinct from its accidents, in a cause distinct from its effects, in an ontological possibility distinct from ontic actuality.

Movements and Positions Clare Carlisle Limited preview – The possible, which is only possible, is impossible; it contradicts itself. Logic and Existence Jean Hyppolite Limited preview. Account Options Sign in.