Please read these instructions carefully before attempting to rebuild your carburetor. Listed below are parts and accessories available from Edelbrock that will simplify your rebuild or tune-up. Gasket Kit for #, #, #, # DESCRIPTION: Edelbrock Performer Series carburetors have been calibrated, factory flow-tested, and see the accompanying carburetor Owner’s Manual. Edelbrock Serries manuals and user guides for free. Read online or download in PDF without registration.

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Great write-up PaceFever79, maybe that explains why my car ran better and was easier to tune after switching from a to a ! Anywho I will definately check your write up to tune it up when the time comes to fire it up. You most likely will have to change the jets as I did from the stock jets to the jets and metering mnaual. No wonder my car efelbrock when it was warm. Eedlbrock gets the manusl if it sits awhile after running then I try to start it. I have a just the way it came out of the box.

I ended up with some type of a compromise, don’t remeber exactly. You can download the manual from the Edelbrock site. You just remove the top lid of the carb and the jets are right there.

Fortunately, doing so is a fairly straightforward process and no disassembly is required. I just put a new on my car.


Better acceleration off the line and rolling, very good article! Which gave me confidence to share this revelation with you.

Edelbrock Serries manuals

I have aGT 40 heads, E cam, performer intake and 2. Well, it is for me anyways. Long story short, this is the wrong direction. Take that 24 tune, which is 1 step rich in cruise mode, They tune easy and they keep their tune forever.

Edelbrock Performer 1406 Manuals

Set your mixture screws to 2 turns out this is a good starting point Start the car and adjust the idle stop until you get it to idle between RPM With the air cleaner on, adjust the mixture screws until the RPM drops 50 don’t use a vacuum gauge. I am running a stock fuel pump so my pressure isnt shooting past the needle and seat I hope. That hard start sounds like a timing issue, but I would start buy doing the basic checks, which has already been suggested.

That’s extremely lean in the cruise mode and can cause hesitation or a stumble as it transitions to power edelborck. This is my daily driver and have never been let down buy it!

The Performer manual is excellent other than how the tuning chart is misleading as I outlined above. I have a and I bought the stock metering rods, jets and orange springs that are stock in a You just have to fish your jets in and out of the fuel rdelbrock. Both of these cause the engine to have a flat spot or a rich bog. Trouble Tuning the Edelbrock Performer Carb?

  2711P T10C4D8 PDF

Trouble Tuning the Edelbrock Performer Carb? Read On

The idle speed screw is a standard screw located on the front of the bottom of the throttle linkage. Both are edelbroc carbs and they both have their attributes and drawbacks. The new solved my hard starting after being hot but I am 14006 smelly gas issues. Let me start off by saying this is not a Holley Vs Edelbrock thread.

So I will just say that I’ve always been a fan of the AFB style carb for street cars, especially with automatic transmission. That is the fun of hot rodding.

No wonder your motor is running like crap? On each side of the middle port is a standard screw. Last edited by Blainer; at I could always use a few more ponies! I want it to look nice and neat.

Most people do two things to try to correct this both cause the problem to get worseeither they richen the idle mixture or they increase the accelerator pump shot. Originally Posted by Blainer.

That is a very nice write up you did, Kudos to you! Originally Posted by machm There had to be a logical explanation.