POS Mediu_SMIS _Monitorizarea stării de conservare a speciilor şi habitatelor din România în baza articolului 17 din Directiva Habitate | POS. ti (Osteichthyes) din Directiva Habitate (92/43/EEC) de pe. teritoriul României. Pentru realizarea re. ţ. elei Natura în România, planuri. POS Mediu_SMIS _Monitorizarea stării de conservare a speciilor şi habitatelor din România în baza articolului 17 din Directiva Habitate.

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Help Print this page. Becker Viola cazorlensis Gandoger Viola delphinantha Boiss. The Commission shall give its opinion on these derogations within a maximum time limit of 12 months following receipt of the report and shall give an account to the Committee.

Holub Bromus grossus Desf. The Member States Internal reference: Skip to main content.

Valea Cepelor

Approximation of laws Environment Directory code: Whereas, in order to ensure the restoration or maintenance of natural habitats and species of Community interest at a favourable conservation status, it is necessary to designate special areas of conservation in order to create a coherent European ecological network according to a specified timetable.

Member States shall take the requisite measures to establish a system of strict protection for the plant species listed in Annex IV bprohibiting: On the basis of the habitats set out in Annex III Stage 1 and relevant scientific information, each Member State shall propose a list of sites indicating which natural habitat types in Annex I and which species in Annex II that are native to its territory the sites host. The methods dirwctiva making such a reference shall be laid down by the Member States.

Where a species appears i this Annex but does not appear in either Annex IV or Annex V, the species name is followed by the symbol o ; where a species which appears in this Annex also appears in Annex V but does not appear in Annex IV, its name is followed by the symbol V. This report shall include in particular information concerning the conservation measures referred to in Article 6 1 as well as evaluation of the impact of those measures on the conservation status of the natural habitats types of Annex I and the species in Annex II and the main results of the surveillance referred to in Article That list will show the sites containing the priority natural habitat types and priority species selected by the Member States on the basis of the criteria in A and B above.

This network, composed of sites hosting the natural habitat types listed in Annex I and habitats of the species listed in Annex II, shall enable the natural habitat types and the species’ habitats concerned to be maintained or, where appropriate, restored at a favourable conservation status in their natural range. The prohibitions eirectiva to in paragraph 1 a and b shall apply to all stages of the biological cycle of the plants to which this Article applies.

Habitae Article 20 The Commission shall be assisted by a committee consisting of representatives of the Member States and chaired by a representative of the Commission. Once a site of Community importance has been adopted in accordance with the procedure laid down in paragraph 2, the Member State concerned shall designate that site as a special area of conservation as soon as possible and within six years at most, establishing priorities in drectiva light of the importance of the sites for the maintenance or restoration, at a favourable conservation status, of a natural habitat habihate in Annex I or a species in Annex II and for the coherence of Naturaand in the light of the threats of degradation or destruction to which those sites are exposed.


Pedro Narcissus humilis Cav. Picconia azorica Tutin Knobl. This site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Final provisions Article 23 1. The measures which have not been retained in the action framework for lack of sufficient resources, as well as those included in the abovementioned action dirdctiva which have not received the necessary co-financing or have only been partially co-financed, shall be reconsidered in accordance with the procedure set out in Article 21, in the context of the two-yearly review of the action framework and may, in the maintime, be postponed by jabitate Member States pending such review.

Such amendments as are necessary for adapting Annex IV to technical and scientific progress shall be adopted dkrectiva the Council acting unanimously on a proposal from the Commission. Such measures may also include in particular: Afonso Festuca elegans Boiss. Chapter 15 Volume 11 P. The results of the assessment undertaken shall be forwarded to the committee for information; c promote education and general information on the need to protect species of wild fauna and flora and to conserve their habitats and natural habitats.

Valea Cepelor – Wikipedia

The reports shall specify: In agreement with each of the Member States concerned, the Commission shall identify, for sites of Community importance for which habitte is sought, habitte measures essential for the maintenance or re-establishment at a favourable conservation status of the priority natural habitat types and priority species on the sites concerned, as well as the total costs arising from those measures.

This report shall include an appropriate evaluation of the progress achieved and, in particular, of the contribution of Natura to the achievement of the objectives set out in Article 3.

The Commission shall adopt the measures envisaged if they are in accordance with the opinion of the committee.

Genista dorycnifolia Font Quer Genista holopetala Fleischm. Member States may mark areas designated under this Directive by means of Community notices designed for that purpose by the committee.

The Council, acting unanimously, shall take a decision within djrectiva months of the date of referral.

Particular attention shall be paid to scientific work necessary for the implementation of Articles 4 and 10, and transboundary cooperative hzbitate between Member States shall be encouraged. A draft of the part of the report covering the information supplied hanitate a Member State shall be forwarded to the Member State in question for verification. Site assessment criteria for a given natural habitat type in Annex I a Degree of representativity of the natural habitat tpye on the site.


Petrocoptis pseudoviscosa Fernandez Casas Silene cintrana Rothm.

Whereas sites eligible for designation as special areas of conservation are proposed by the Member States but whereas a procedure must nevertheless be laid down to allow the designation in exceptional cases of a site which has not been proposed by a Member State but which the Community considers essential for either the maintenance or the survival of a priority natural habitat type or a priority species.

The report, in accordance with the format established by the committee, shall be forwarded to the Commission and made accessible to the public. Every six years from the date of expiry of the period laid down in Article 23, Member States shall draw up a report on the implementation of the measures taken under this Directive.

For aquatic species which range over wide areas, such sites will be proposed only where there is a clearly identifiable area representing the physical and biological factors essential to their life and reproduction.

Whereas provision should be made for supplementary measures governing the reintroduction of certain native species of fauna and flora and the possible introduction of non-native species. Alpine, Atlantic, Continental, Macaronesian and Mediterranean. Each Member State shall contribute to the creation of Natura in proportion to the representation within its territory of the natural habitat types and the habitats of species referred to in paragraph 1. The aim of this Directive shall be to contribute towards ensuring bio-diversity through the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora in the European territory of the Member States to which the Treaty applies.

Whereas, the main aim of this Directive being to promote the maintenance of biodiversity, taking account of economic, social, cultural and regional requirements, this Directive makes a contribution to the general objective of sustainable development; whereas the maintenance of such biodiversity may in certain cases require the maintenance, or indeed the encouragement, of human activities.

Fernandes Myosotis lusitanica Schuster Myosotis rehsteineri Wartm. Jasione crispa Pourret Samp. Protection of species Article 12 1. Treaty establishing the European Economic Community Legal basis: Member States shall take the requisite measures to establish a system of strict protection for the animal species listed in Annex IV a in their natural range, prohibiting: Where such measures are deemed necessary, they shall include continuation of the surveillance provided for in Article As soon as a site is placed on the list referred to in the third subparagraph of paragraph 2 it shall be subject to Article 6 23 and 4.