Avvai Noolgal – அவ்வை நூல்கள் brings all four important works of great Avvai Paati in Android platform. This app provides the following. 1. The app is to promote the verses of life lessons in Aathichudi, a tamil literature written by Avvaiyar. The app provide a platform for the people to view the. Avvaiyar was the most famous and prominent female poet during various periods of the Tamil Literature. The meaning of the word Avvaiyar is a Respectable.

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Say Hello App Pvt Ltd. If you like the application, kindly share with your friends and family. Since there are so many versions, it is easy to get confused over it aathidhudi meddle the lines or the context.

It was specifically meant for children In schools today, this particular poem is a poem that has to be memorized. Athichudi is a moral code of conduct which considers a valueless life meaningless.

Always help people when you can. Though we call it aathichudi, there are different versions depending on the usage of alphabets.

Nalvazhi App Contains, 1. All the seyuls in Tamil 2. It is on par with the Aathivhudi by Thiruvalluvar. Provides information on prevention of diseases through proper food in tamil. Gossiping is not a good virtue. Press Esc to cancel.


Give food to a starving man before eating. Since then, it is believed that she started writing especially for kids. He wanted to trigger their patriotism through his new poem. Is like a handful of earth. She single-handedly averted a war between two kings Adhiaman and Tondaiman by a single poem.

Meaning in English Children can easily learn one thought a day and share the same with friends. Sometimes, it has made me wonder whether the child at such an young age can understand the uniqueness and the magnitude of this poem. Legend says that she did not tmail but was bodily transported aathjchudi heaven by Lord Shiva.

Her poems were simple with a deep meaning. Aathichudi – You can read the Tamil meaning, English meaning and even share the content to your friends in SMS, whatsapp, twitter and other social media. She Knows Her Mind Write to us at lovenbond gmail. She never married as her aim was to spread the knowledge of divinity and Tamil far and wide. Do not brag about your riches. Have a conversation in two languages and hear your voice translated instantly.

Unknown is an ocean. Transliteration in English 4. Pudhiya Aathichudi is yet another version written by the national poet mahakavi subramaniya bharathiar.

Tamil Aathichudi – The easiest way to teach kids discipline

meaninb In her later yearsshe did not stay at on place. Geethapriya Arunprasath 31 January at Newer Post Older Post Home. Never occupy another person’s land.


Her songs are the first introduction to the Tamil language when a child starts school. Learn to master your anger.

Aathichudi onbooks, Avvaiyar aathichudi tamil ebooks |

So far nine different versions have been found. Among all her other literary works, aathichudi is the most widely read work. Let us do our bit to make great works in Tamil literature reach many. Since the language is simple, it is very easy to communicate the meaning to the child.

Tamil Aathichudi – The easiest way to teach kids discipline – She Knows Her Mind

Project Madurai for source of Avvai paati’s work. Like the previous version, this poem too is suitable for all time periods.

Meaning in Tamil 3. The movie Avvaiyar based on the great Tamil poet was released by Gemini picture in It had great historical and moral value and was planned to be released even at the US with English subtitles.